My Personal Chiropractor I Use to Help Manage My Spine and Mind

When your into looking for things to improve your personal life a chiropractor should be one of those doctors you need to consult. Spinal pain or even just an uncomfortable back is a major energy drainer in your life. We know how exercise is used to uplift your mood because positive movement will equal positive thoughts. When I see my chiropractor in Johannesburg I go there because I need to make sure I’m able to move well to think well.

This is a cool video from a US Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr Gentempo. I think he summarises nicely why I like to have my spine checked out and get a specific spinal adjustment.

Pretty cool stuff, right? I fully understand the concept now of not just seeking a pain relief solution, but rather see my body as a circuit of wires that need to be able to connect at high speed without interference. That is what the nervous system is when it connects with muscles, joints and even organs. I believe going to have a consult might just change your life in a such a positive way you may not have realised just yet.